Classfull Vs Classless Addressing

Classfull Addressing

Classless Addressing

Address space is divided into five classes:
Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, and Class E
No concept of classes
All devices in the same routing domain must use the same subnet maskIt allows the use of variable length subnet masks
It uses IP addresses of the same network class in all its sub-networksIt enable the use of IP addresses with different subnet masks in the same network
IP address is divided into two parts: Host Id and Network IdNo boundary on Host Id and Network Id
It uses only the FULL mask for its class (A, B, C)It uses a CUSTOM mask (subnet mask) obtained by adding EXTRA bits
IP forwarding process is restrictedIP forwarding process has no restrictions
Routing Information Protocol (RIP) protocol uses classful addressingBorder Gateway Protocol,RIPv2 uses classless addressing

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