Cellular Network Vs Ad Hoc Network

Cellular Network

Ad Hoc Network

There is a fixed Infrastructure.Infrastructures.
Circuit Switching is used.Packet Switching is used.
Slow Deployment.Very Rapid Deployment.
Single hop type.Single and Multi-hop type.
Star Topology is used.Mesh Topology is used.
Centralized, all the traffic goes through the Base Station.Distributed, No centralized system such as Base station needed.
Stable Connectivity.Irregular Connectivity.
Easier to employ bandwidth reservation.Complex to employ bandwidth reservation.
Designed and developed for voice traffic. Guaranteed bandwidth.Designed to meet the best-effort data traffic requirements. Shared Radio Channel.
Reuse of frequency spectrum through geographical channel reuse.Dynamic frequecy reuse based on carrier sense mechanism.
The high cost of network maintenance.Self-organization and maintenance properties are built into the network.
The terminal nodes access the infrastructure via wireless links/nonwireless links.The links are mostly wireless. An end-to-end connection can be made through multiple links.
Large Setup Time.Less Setup Time.

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