8085 vs 8086 Microprocessor

8085 Microprocessor

8086 Microprocessor

8 bit microprocessor.16 bit microprocessor.
16 bit Address Bus.20 bit Address Bus.
It can access upto 2^16 = 64 Kb of memory.It can access upto 2^20 = 1 Mb of memory.
8 bit Data Bus.16 bit Data Bus.
It doesn’t have an Instruction Queue.It has an Instruction Queue.
Clock speed of 8085 microprocessor is 3 MHz.Clock speed can vary between 5, 8 and 10 MHz for three different 8086 microprocessors.
It does not have memory segmentation.It has memory segmentation.
It does not support pipelining.It support pipeline.
It supports only integer and decimal.It supports only integer, decimal and ASCII arithmetic.
Cost of 8085 is low.Cost of 8086 is High.
It operates on clock cycle with 50% duty cycle.It operates on clock cycle with 33% duty cycle.
Less number of transistors (6500).More number of transistors (29000).
It is Accumulator Based processor.It is General purpose register based processor.
It has 5 Flags (Sign Flag, Zero Flag, Auxiliary Carry Flag, Parity Flag, Carry Flag).It has 9 Flags (Overflow Flag, Direction Flag, Interrupt Flag, Trap Flag, Sign Flag, Zero Flag, Auxiliary Carry Flag, Parity Flag, Carry Flag).
Supports only single operating mode.It operates in two modes.
Requires less external hardwareRequires more external hardware
8 bit Data bus can access 2^8 = 256 I/O’s16 bit Data bus can access 2^16 = 65,536 I/O’s.
only 1 processor is used.More than one processor is used.

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