Linked List

Size of the array is fixedDynamic size
Less memory requiredMore memory required
Stored in contiguous Memory LocationsStored in non-contiguous Memory Locations
Memory Should be allocated at Compile-TimeMemory is allocated at Run-Time
Elements can be modified easily by identifying the index valueComplex process for modifying the node
Elements cannot be added, deleted once it is declaredNodes in the linked list can be added and deleted from the list
Directly access any element in an arrayWe can’t directly access any element but we need to traverse over the entire list
Shuffling the elements of an array requires more timeShuffling the elements of a linked list requires less time
Access any element in an array take less timeAccess any element in an array take more time
Arrays can hold only one value at a timeIt can hold more than one at a time
array in clinked list in c

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